Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Great Escape

I'm really coming around to the idea that cutting the banksters out of the deal, makes things a whole lot better. The US govt. should print money: period. No one else, especially private corps. like the Fed should be allowed to print money. The US people vote on how the money will be used. Banks are only allowed to lend money THEY HAVE (not like now where they "create" money to lend). This way, the US govt. doesn't owe anyone a dime for re-building a bridge or a freeway. We still have to pay back what we owe, but our creditors have a choice of whether they receive Fed Reserve Notes or the new US currency, printed by the US Treasury.

The banking industry was powerful enough to put itself in the middle of EVERYTHING in our lives. They got their cut of the stimulus bucks first when Obama wasn't even in power yet. When people tell me to "open my eyes," they usually mean that someone I agree with is imperfect. When I say "open your eyes" from now on I mean one thing, in particular to my one-tracked, fiscally-focused compatriots: 1) "Where's your money going?" 2) "Who's the man behind the curtain?"

What we have now: 1) The US government borrows money from conglomerated banks known as the "Fed" for anything it does beyond what is collected in taxes. When we need to print money, the US government borrows from the fed via Treasury bonds.

What we could have (and have had in the past): 1) Only the US govt prints money, and doesn't owe anyone a DAMN thing for doing so. 2) The people elect the officials and therefore participate in deciding how the money will be used. In time of economic downturn, my vote would go towards massive construction projects putting people to work making their cities beautiful and safe again. Others may vote for no taxes on anyone forever, but will hopefully allow that some money be used to set up decent healthcare for everyone and maybe a govt agency that keeps our food safe. Clean slate. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we really do have everything we need to solve all of our problems. People just need to open their eyes.

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