Friday, June 30, 2017

Proof That We Just Can't Discuss Anything Anymore...

I visited with a friend today who found out that I'm a Dirty-Traitor-Anti-Trumper. Here's a paraphrasing of the conversation:

Friend: "I hope he DOES start something with North Korea. We've finally got a president who won't be pushed around."

Pablo: "He's just trying to distract everyone away from his troubles with Russia."

Friend: "Nope. That whole Russia thing is just Fake News."

Pablo: "Every single US Intelligence agency agrees..."

Friend: "You Liberals are just a buncha sore losers..."

Pablo: "...that Russia hacked into our election system..."

Friend: "Why the Fuck can't you Democrats give him a chance?"

Pablo: "...on Trump's behalf. - He's had a chance for 6 MONTHS, look how much damage he's done already!"

Friend: "They ALL do damage. At least he's not just doing the same old shit!"

Pablo: "He's not? He said he was going to drain the swamp, then he filled his cabinet with racists and lobbyists. He even signed up some RACIST LOBBYISTS. "

Friend: "Now I know that you're not very smart. You just want the Muslims to come over here and..."

Pablo: "If he's so worried about Muslims, why is he selling arms to Saudi Arabia and Qatar?"

Friend: "They ALL did that."

Pablo: "So why is Trump better?"

Friend: "Pablo, I love you brother, but you have some FUCKED UP views."

Pablo: "Right back atcha' Brother..."

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