Friday, June 30, 2017

Proof That We Just Can't Discuss Anything Anymore...

I visited with a friend today who found out that I'm a Dirty-Traitor-Anti-Trumper. Here's a paraphrasing of the conversation:

Friend: "I hope he DOES start something with North Korea. We've finally got a president who won't be pushed around."

Pablo: "He's just trying to distract everyone away from his troubles with Russia."

Friend: "Nope. That whole Russia thing is just Fake News."

Pablo: "Every single US Intelligence agency agrees..."

Friend: "You Liberals are just a buncha sore losers..."

Pablo: "...that Russia hacked into our election system..."

Friend: "Why the Fuck can't you Democrats give him a chance?"

Pablo: "...on Trump's behalf. - He's had a chance for 6 MONTHS, look how much damage he's done already!"

Friend: "They ALL do damage. At least he's not just doing the same old shit!"

Pablo: "He's not? He said he was going to drain the swamp, then he filled his cabinet with racists and lobbyists. He even signed up some RACIST LOBBYISTS. "

Friend: "Now I know that you're not very smart. You just want the Muslims to come over here and..."

Pablo: "If he's so worried about Muslims, why is he selling arms to Saudi Arabia and Qatar?"

Friend: "They ALL did that."

Pablo: "So why is Trump better?"

Friend: "Pablo, I love you brother, but you have some FUCKED UP views."

Pablo: "Right back atcha' Brother..."


  1. There is no critical thinking inside the tribe. Is your "friend" going to enlist to fight North Korea? Or is he going to let some brown 18 years old do it for him?

  2. I bet all he watches is Fox fake news and listens to right wing radio when he is in his car. It is all propaganda. Ronald Reagan getting rid of the "Fairness Doctrine" allowed it to happen.


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