Thursday, June 28, 2012

Governor Jan Brewer: The Worst of the Worst

When I think about some of the real winners that we've had as Governor in Arizona, I have to say, I do like Governor Jan Brewer the least. That's really saying something.

Mecham was just a dunderhead. Fife was at least fun (and still is) at parties. I've been Facebook un-friended by good friends in real life just for stating my opinion about Governor Brewer around the time when she was trying to deny those in need of organ transplants. These people had always been able to get the organs before. She is a destructive and divisive force, like GW was.

Enough of Arizona. I've been here over 30 years, and that's way too long for any military brat. I'm relocating to the east coast in a month and a half. If any of you Arizonans really give a $hit about AZ, you'll consider getting yourselves a new governor, and stop writing her a pass just because she's keeping you safe from the people who want to cut your lawn and sell you tamales.
Sunday, June 10, 2012

We are not Pepsi, we are not Walmart...We ARE the US Government

Anyone who has argued with a conservative more than once, has likely been inundated with a stream of dialogue which is built upon a premise from former president Reagan, that "government" is the basis to all our current problems.

Nothing could be further from the truth. government. is a tool of our own making. We can either make it into a tool which cuts our fingers off the minute we turn it on, or we can make it as elegant a tool to help us solve our problems as we we are willing to invest time and honest consideration. That govt. has morphed into a two-headed beast that has devoured many a nation shouldn't be at all surprising. Govt. is the fire from Prometheus, we can use it to our benefit or to our own demise. 

Government is US. WE are government. We are not Pepsi, we are not Walmart, but we ARE our govt. and the tools we fashion in its design. And to relegate our entire political process to a stupid team wrestling sport, using the likes of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh as cheerleaders is a crying shame.

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