Sunday, June 10, 2012

We are not Pepsi, we are not Walmart...We ARE the US Government

Anyone who has argued with a conservative more than once, has likely been inundated with a stream of dialogue which is built upon a premise from former president Reagan, that "government" is the basis to all our current problems.

Nothing could be further from the truth. government. is a tool of our own making. We can either make it into a tool which cuts our fingers off the minute we turn it on, or we can make it as elegant a tool to help us solve our problems as we we are willing to invest time and honest consideration. That govt. has morphed into a two-headed beast that has devoured many a nation shouldn't be at all surprising. Govt. is the fire from Prometheus, we can use it to our benefit or to our own demise. 

Government is US. WE are government. We are not Pepsi, we are not Walmart, but we ARE our govt. and the tools we fashion in its design. And to relegate our entire political process to a stupid team wrestling sport, using the likes of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh as cheerleaders is a crying shame.

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  1. Government is our government, and we are government, as long as The People have True Representation. If we do not have True Representation, then government becomes something that is apart from us. Do The People generally want a government that does not represent their wishes? Of course not! Thus, such a government would not be a tool of our own making, would it?

    But then, someone with their head up the system's backside would probably refute this by saying that The People voted for such representation. Really? ...and if the vote actually counted, do you think that they voted for the so-called upright human being that made all the promises before entering office, or for the scum that the so-called representative actually became after entering office.

    Moreover, does the vote actually count? ...or is the so-called representation just placed into office regardless of the vote, while making it look like the vote counted and afterward causing to be published the candidate's strategy and just how the so-called victor manipulated the win; hence, making sure the fingers are shown to The People to be pointed in a direction other than the true cause of the so-called representation's placement into office.

    Although, whether these politicians were voted in or not, what really matters where this reply is concerned is whether or not they are representing The People's general wishes and desires, and whether or not those wishes and desires are based upon educated decisions or upon lies and ignorance.

    Democrats as well as Republicans have to start realizing by now that both parties have been infiltrated with beholden crap, and those behind the scenes are using the two-party system to divide and conquer. More of us need to realize that the whole of government needs an enema ...because it is not our government anymore, and we are not that government, no matter how you slice it! It has become, by way of behind the scenes manipulation (and not by The People, by the way) a government that is bent on controlling and running The People ...instead of The People controlling and running the government like it should be.


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