Friday, June 30, 2017

Proof That We Just Can't Discuss Anything Anymore...

I visited with a friend today who found out that I'm a Dirty-Traitor-Anti-Trumper. Here's a paraphrasing of the conversation:

Friend: "I hope he DOES start something with North Korea. We've finally got a president who won't be pushed around."

Pablo: "He's just trying to distract everyone away from his troubles with Russia."

Friend: "Nope. That whole Russia thing is just Fake News."

Pablo: "Every single US Intelligence agency agrees..."

Friend: "You Liberals are just a buncha sore losers..."

Pablo: "...that Russia hacked into our election system..."

Friend: "Why the Fuck can't you Democrats give him a chance?"

Pablo: "...on Trump's behalf. - He's had a chance for 6 MONTHS, look how much damage he's done already!"

Friend: "They ALL do damage. At least he's not just doing the same old shit!"

Pablo: "He's not? He said he was going to drain the swamp, then he filled his cabinet with racists and lobbyists. He even signed up some RACIST LOBBYISTS. "

Friend: "Now I know that you're not very smart. You just want the Muslims to come over here and..."

Pablo: "If he's so worried about Muslims, why is he selling arms to Saudi Arabia and Qatar?"

Friend: "They ALL did that."

Pablo: "So why is Trump better?"

Friend: "Pablo, I love you brother, but you have some FUCKED UP views."

Pablo: "Right back atcha' Brother..."
Saturday, October 12, 2013

National Debts Don't Matter as much as WingNuts SAY They Do

TeaBaggers are still trying to convince everyone that the NATIONAL DEBT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN HUMAN HISTORY.

Lately, some of the whackier TeaBaggery has suggested we address our "national problem" by selling off a few National Parks, maybe having a few bake sales and car washes etc etc. This small, single-minded view of the State of our Union isn't helping TeaBagger popularity any more than some of then their latest Boehn-headed moves, but more importantly they aren't seeing the big picture: The nice thing about having a fake-money economy is that we can bring it back to life ourselves. We can literally wave a magic wand and initiate Infrastructure Building and Maintenance, Raise the Minimum Wage and form Emergency-Based Employment Stop-gap measures like the CCC.  These are just some of the things FDR did to get us out of the Great Depression.

The Tea Party is using National-Debt-Single-Mindedness to make a power-grab, nothing less. We are watching a coup d'etat attempt on our country by a relentless, impatient, and power-grabbing enemy, that appears to be failing at the moment.

Here are some non-drama-based Fun-facts on the National Debt:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Need To Raise the Minimum Wage...

When you look at our dismal economy, it's easy to just blame the banks 100% for its ruination. Anyone who understands how the Federal Reserve banking system works, knows that banks get their money out of thin air, always at zero risk. Nice work if you can get it. So we have the banks sitting already at the pinnacle of our whole system.

But, of course, that just wasn't enough for our banksters.  To add fuel to their toasty little fire, they repeal Glass-Steagle in the 80's and allow the banks to take their "free money" and get involved in risky speculation. If the banks win, they make a bundle for Christmas bonus time, but if they lose big, they can always count on being bailed out by the taxpayers. This should be an area we ALL (left, right and nutjob right) agree on, yet the GOP congress continues to block any meaningful bankster reform.

But, with all the DISMAL failures of the banks, that isn't what REALLY tanked this economy. When we had a livable minimum wage and all the money in large corporations didn't just go to the execs, even inept banksters couldn't  slow our perpetually-booming economy down. Sure, we have a lot more lower-wage jobs now, and it will be a while before we get back where we were, but people need to realize that raising the minimum wage to a livable wage isn't just a nice thing to do, IT'S THE KEY TO GETTING OUR ECONOMY GOING AGAIN.

Listen up, TeaBaggers. This is what you missed out on when you were ditching your economics classes. RAISING the minimum wage won't noticeably change the prices you PAY, it will cause the economy to start humming again because LOTS of people will have money in their pockets and be BUYING THINGS. These are good things since we have a consumer-based economy. Personally, I would prefer a Star Trek-Based economy, which is based on unlimited food and goods courtesy of replicator technology. But, since we're stuck with a consumer-based economy, I'm calling on the TeaBaggery to put down their calculators, stop dissing our president for a FULL HOUR, and ponder the possibilities of an economy where people are BUYING THINGS AGAIN. You just can't hang an entire economy on a handful of rich guys, but we might want to consider hanging a handful of rich guys.
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just How Bad are Things in the U.S. Congress?

This is a tough one to understand.
Q: Was there pork in the Sandy bill?
A: Yes
Q:  Was the pork a bunch of money for non-essentials in New York and New Jersey?
A: No it was mostly money for Red States as far away as Alaska.
Q: Say what?
A: The Senate wanted to create a filibuster-proof bill to get the money to the victims quickly, so they BRIBED Red States in congress in hopes of expediency.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Kon Tiki Hotel - Memories of a Bellman at "A little Bit of Waikiki, in the Heart of Phoenix"

I don't expect anyone to believe me on any of this. I used to work at the Kon Tiki Hotel, on 24th St. and Van Buren in Phoenix as a young man, years before its final decline and demolition. At this time it was owned by Tom Carroll, a former Bozo the Clown of the Los Angeles kids show, who lived in the "Penthouse" room of the hotel. I did mostly bellman duties. I wore a Hawaiian uniform shirt, and answered the phone "Aloha Kon Tiki Hotel." One time, I got called to pick up a "Mr. Joseph Smith" at the airport. I drove the station wagon limo, complete with wooden Tiki Masks mounted on both sides, to the airport but didn't find anyone waiting except the Airport porters, who were all doubled over with laughter.
Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heritage Foundation Actually Authored Much of "ObamaCare"

Conservative heads are exploding. Yes, the secret is out. If you look at what the Heritage Foundation originally authored, you can't help seeing the similarities. But, you might ask, why would a conservative organization like the Heritage Foundation write up something that restricts the freedoms of health insurance company CEO's like Obamacare does? Because they almost lost the chance to PLAY, that's why. If we had incorporated a Public Option like some of my lefty friends (who almost disowned Obama when we didn't get one) wanted, then the health insurance empires would have been PHASED OUT eventually.

You can call me an ass for believing that health care is one thing that shouldn't be subjected to for-profit values. You can call me a Commie for believing that health care is one thing that govt. can do well. But, be careful when you call me a Socialist, because I have evidence that Socialistic systems work well IN SOME CASES. For example, the US Military is a "Socialistic" system. I am a military brat by birth. The military has it's own govt -run healthcare system that I used growing up. My care was always excellent, and some of the military officer doctors I have had were characters in my life that I'll remember forever.

Call me what you want, but I won't call you anything back. I'd rather fight battles with ideas rather than personal attacks. You can call me a Liberal anytime you want, because I am proud of that title(:
Thursday, June 28, 2012

Governor Jan Brewer: The Worst of the Worst

When I think about some of the real winners that we've had as Governor in Arizona, I have to say, I do like Governor Jan Brewer the least. That's really saying something.

Mecham was just a dunderhead. Fife was at least fun (and still is) at parties. I've been Facebook un-friended by good friends in real life just for stating my opinion about Governor Brewer around the time when she was trying to deny those in need of organ transplants. These people had always been able to get the organs before. She is a destructive and divisive force, like GW was.

Enough of Arizona. I've been here over 30 years, and that's way too long for any military brat. I'm relocating to the east coast in a month and a half. If any of you Arizonans really give a $hit about AZ, you'll consider getting yourselves a new governor, and stop writing her a pass just because she's keeping you safe from the people who want to cut your lawn and sell you tamales.

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