Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Grand Obama Experiment

It seems the great Obama experiment has come to an end.

The people I've spoken with seem to agree that Obama was himself voted in by anger at Bush, so why not a "grass-roots" campaign of anger?. I disagree Obama was voted in thanks to anger at Bush.

He was voted in first via a well-organized and well-managed grass-roots computer-savy campaign, the likes of which are hitherto unseen. Also, there were a LOT of people (many were in Washington this weekend) who really agreed with Obama's idealistic government vision, a vision that has been torn-apart and smeared until it has become unrecognizable. He's still the pres. Time for the Republicans to come up with some ideas for a change.

Anyway, Obama has been "herding cats" long enough. It's all on the Republican's shoulders now. Obama can party and relax.

I say Obama supporters can hold their heads high. He did his best to do what he said he would do. I don't feel as though he let me down one bit.

Let's see if the Republicans will be able to say that about their heroes in two years.


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