Thursday, July 28, 2011

Now We Know What Life Would Be Like Under a Tea Party Government...

Ask yourself this: "If these Tea Party nutbags hadn't been elected in 2010, would we:
1) be in a "crisis" right now?
(2) Would we be telling the world "We might not pay our bills?"
(3)Would Boehner be compiling a truly POINTLESS bill that may not even make it out of the Republican House, but will most certainly not pass the senate at the eleventh-and-a-half hour?

No! I give the Tea Party NO PASS because they are "TRYING." Whether "trying" to force a balanced-budget amendment or economic meltdown on all of us, they are showing the country what a Tea Party-ruled country would look like.

Boehner even wants us to go through this same exercise every six-months, just like third-world countries often go begging to the IMF every six months. I know many of my Face Book friends don't want to say it. They insist saying that it is "both sides fault." Well I don't mind saying that the Tea Party has already been devastating for this country and our economy. Just look at how they have caused chaos within the Republican party. They have the Republicans making plans that have no chance of seeing the light of day, and holding our economy as a hostage while doing so. If they can do this much damage under a democratic majority, imagine how dismal things would be with a Tea Party president or congress.


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