Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heritage Foundation Actually Authored Much of "ObamaCare"

Conservative heads are exploding. Yes, the secret is out. If you look at what the Heritage Foundation originally authored, you can't help seeing the similarities. But, you might ask, why would a conservative organization like the Heritage Foundation write up something that restricts the freedoms of health insurance company CEO's like Obamacare does? Because they almost lost the chance to PLAY, that's why. If we had incorporated a Public Option like some of my lefty friends (who almost disowned Obama when we didn't get one) wanted, then the health insurance empires would have been PHASED OUT eventually.

You can call me an ass for believing that health care is one thing that shouldn't be subjected to for-profit values. You can call me a Commie for believing that health care is one thing that govt. can do well. But, be careful when you call me a Socialist, because I have evidence that Socialistic systems work well IN SOME CASES. For example, the US Military is a "Socialistic" system. I am a military brat by birth. The military has it's own govt -run healthcare system that I used growing up. My care was always excellent, and some of the military officer doctors I have had were characters in my life that I'll remember forever.

Call me what you want, but I won't call you anything back. I'd rather fight battles with ideas rather than personal attacks. You can call me a Liberal anytime you want, because I am proud of that title(:

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  1. Amen. We are the only developed country with a for profit health care system. Healthcare should be a right and not a priviledge. Why should such a basic service be a way for a CEO to make millions of dollars on a system where profits are increased by denying care to the people who bought their product.


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