Friday, January 14, 2011

On Palin, Glenn Beck and being "Socialistic"

Recently, someone posted in a Facebook thread:

 " actually feel America would be better off if we were socialistic?"

I'm sure this isn't a surprise to most of you, but America has many facets of "Socialism" woven into the national thread already. Examples include: 1) Police Force 2) Fire-fighters 3) State and Interstate Highways etc etc...So ANY country which has ANY of those things has "Socialism" in the govt. already. Like trying to take away people's guns, the "Anti-Socialists" are going to start getting a lot of crap if they try to start actually taking away our roads, our bridges and letting our houses blaze away.

I understand this guy doesn't want the extreme idea of Socialism, but I doubt he wants to live in Nairobi (the other extreme) either...The least amount of govt. can be found in the poorest countries on earth. Jefferson said that the government "which governs least, governs best," but he also set up the education system for this country and felt that education of the common man was paramount to "nurturing this democracy." So why do typical folks who decry "Socialism" with nearly every breath want to begin chopping away at our already-underfunded educational systems as a typical first choice? I thought they were getting all "founding fathers" on our collective asses.

Palin is done. Her numbers tanked after her last speech "I'm the victim" disaster. Even her big PR-fest planned with Sean Hannity isn't going to help her now. Beck is still dangerous, because some people actually believe he is teaching them something. He points the finger at "liberals" for everything wrong in the world like Hitler pointed at the Jews.

On the tenants of being "Socialistic," I forgot to mention libraries and post offices, which were invented by Ben Franklin for crying out loud...


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