Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time of reflection...

I was fooled by a photo-shopped voter registration record of Jason Loughner someone had posted a couple of days ago, showing he had registered as "Republican".
When I mentioned to someone in a FB thread that I thought Loughner was registered as a Republican, I got a reply on the thread that the screenshot was fake and this person figured I knew it but was "spreading lies anyway" and that I was a "worthless POS" for doing so, and then this individual FB "blocked" me.

I live in AZ and Giffords is one of my best friend's reps in Tucson. I admit I was overcome by sadness and then anger for the violent language that we are subjected to from certain News media. I even figured Laughner must be a Glenn Beck fan, due to some peculiarities within his artifacts. Later, I learned that there is a bona-fide hate group called "Sovereign Citizens" that matches many of his ideas more closely.

During this time I remembered that I, myself have called our current governor "murderous" because she would rather build new baseball stadiums than provide promised-organs to those needing transplants in our state.

Now, I just am thankful that Roger Ailes of Fox has asked his broadcasters to "tone it down" so as not too provide any fodder for those currently doing web searches for "vitriolic rhetoric," and for the first time ever, I've witnessed Rush on the defensive. I am taking a vow to never again refer to our governor as "murderous." It doesn't really help push the issue in the right direction, in my opinion.


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